• James Hewlett

Watching New Things

I don’t know if it’s just a malaise of lockdown wearing off or if I’ve just run through re-watching all of my favourite shows, maybe it’s a combination of both, but over the last couple of days I’ve been watching new things for the first time in ages.

Some of them just been finishing off shows that I started earlier in the year or last year and some of are new shows to me that I’ve been meaning to watch for ages.

I tried watching stuff I hadn’t seen before over the last few months but more often than not I bailed because I found myself unable to concentrate or give them the attention they deserve.

That’s why I fell into a loop, completely unintentionally, of watching Lost, Avatar, The Expanse, Community and a few others from start to finish. There was a level of comfort to to it, some certainty in uncertain times. I know I was t the only person doing it.

I’m glad to be back able to watch new stuff again now as there’s a ton to catch up on. Comedies have been easiest; they’re shorter, more digestible and not as taxing. Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet on Apple TV+ has been on my radar since before it launched. Coming from the guys behind Always Sunny I knew I’d at very least find it funny but I very quickly fell in love with this workplace sitcom set in a video game studio and watched the whole season in two sittings.

Dave, from FX is finally available in the UK via BBC iPlayer and I’d heard great things. L’il Dicky is a rapper I’ve known of through friends and enjoyed whenever I’ve listened to him so a semi-autobiographical comedy about the struggles of being a nerdy white Jewish dude trying to be taken seriously in rap sounded great. I’m a few episodes in and enjoying it.

I finally finished off the last two episodes of Tales From The Loop on Amazon Prime and still think it’s a criminally under-watched and under-appreciated show. The anthology format and stunning visuals offset with the quiet and melodic tone and pace of this super cool sci-fi show based on a Swedish art book.

I’m also finally catching up with Dragon Prince on Netflix. I watched and loved the first season when it dropped a few years ago but due to circumstances it fell off my radar when the second and third came out. It has so much of the same DNA as Avatar, including cast and creators, that I’m bound to enjoy it, although I think I’m doing myself a disservice by not restarting completely as I am finding myself trying to remember what happened previously.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s enough for now, one show from each different streaming platform seems fair.

Hope your weekends have been good. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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