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Watchmen Finale

Last night I watched the finale to HBO’s Watchmen tv series and I’ve got to say, this show absolutely blew me away!

I’ve been a fan of show runner Damon Lindelof since Lost but when I heard he was doing a show based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons seminal comic book series I was apprehensive. I didn’t particularly like the film adaptation from 2009 and Watchmen has always felt like a completely unique and solitary piece.

Sure, there were a series of prequel comics a number of years ago that apparently varied in quality but the overall feeling I got from people about even the best of those was, “It’s fine, but it didn’t need to exist and doesn’t add anything to the original.”

This television series, in my opinion, does fulfil that lofty goal. Having watched through all nine episodes of what is essentially a sequel to the graphic novel I feel like the world created on those nine panel pages in the mid eighties has been enriched and deepened and been made more relevant to the world we are living in here at the end of 2019.

I talked about the shows themes when I first mentioned it a number of weeks ago so I’m not going to reiterate that again here, but I’ll just stress that the hooks cast in those earlier episodes all land by the end and even seemingly off hand moment were laying the groundwork for the larger tapestry being woven.

This is something rarely pulled off to such a masterful degree in any medium with the original Watchmen being a standard barer for how it can be done. For Lindelof and his team to follow that thread and be able to do it again here is almost poetic.

I’ve not read anything since the finale so I’m unsure of anything has changed but all the way through the extremely smart show runner has said he is unsure if there will be a second season and if there is, if he will return to helm it. Having seen the show fully now I can totally see why. It doesn’t need a second season, the show, much like the material it is taking its cues from, is a complete package onto itself.

I do have faith that if Lindelof were to return for more he would only be doing so because he has another story worth telling in this world, but if someone else was to take over duties at HBO’s desire to produce another season my hesitance toward it would go right back up to where it was.

No everything needs to be continued. Sometimes when ‘the end is nigh’ it is not a bad thing. And yes, I understand the irony of saying that in regards to a sequel for Watchmen.

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