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Wednesday Rules

I don’t have a lot to write about today, I’ve spent as much of it as I can sitting outside in the amazing weather. It’s been 20°c plus almost all day and I’ve taken advantage of it as much as possible.

I can’t get rid of the bed from the spare room as the dump is closed at the moment but have disassembled it and tucked the bits and pieces away as into as small a space as I can. It’s no where close to being set up how I would like yet but I have moved my exercise gear all into that room. The change of scenery has been nice and it’s freed up some space in my bedroom and should help cut down on how often I stub my toes!

Last night was awesome, I jumped online with a few friends for some rounds of Cards Against Humanity. We were all on webcams and having a lot of laughs throughout. A solid way to end a really nice birthday. Pretty impressive all things considered!

Ed even baked me a cake which he ate by himself.

This afternoon I’ve been sat in the sun with the rule book of a new game I got, paid for in part with the gift card my sister and fam got for my birthday. It’s the Marvel Champions cars game Ed was teaching me online the other day and has raved about how well it plays solo. I know the basics of the game already but brushing up on the actual rules was a good excuse to sit in the sun.

I’m now back inside as it’s dipped behind the trees and isn’t hitting my garden anymore but it’s still lovely and warm and I have both my double doors open as well as the windows upstairs. Fresh air throughout, it’s great.

I definitely am going to have to tidy up the garden some more of this weather is going to keep up like this!


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