• James Hewlett

Weekend Bits

I’ve started transferring more old posts into a book document. It feels like something that should be fairly easy but the repetition of copying, pasting and formatting is tedious. Seeing the sheer number of posts I have to transfer over is daunting too. I have over a thousand entries at the moment and roughly two hundred and fifty more to right.

It’s going to take time, but just seeing it all compiled together is satisfying already at this early stage. I can’t wait to get it all done and be able to hold a physical product at the end of it all.

It’s kind of meta writing this and thinking one day I or someone else may be reading about me putting a book together in that book.

What else is going on today? I’m waiting for the garage to have a look at my car again at the moment. It shouldn’t be anything serious, I was getting a temperature warning light sporadically for the last couple of days. I’ve topped up my coolant as it was admittedly quite low but where my car is a hybrid there are actually two coolant systems, the regular one for the engine and one for the inverter that transfers battery energy to the motor. And that ladies and gentlemen is the most technically minded I could ever sound when it comes to cars!

I think it’s okay, but I wanted to get it properly looked at to make sure there isn’t a blockage or something. My car is definitely showing it’s age.

My work outs have been all or nothing this week. I’ve closed my rings every day comfortably but I feel like I’ve either been super productive or relatively lazy. On the productive days, like today, I’ve got up and worked out early and smashed my active calorie ring, which is set to 500, before I even finish up on the bike. Then there are the days I’ve not had any drive and have just finished up the entire day at around 600. I’d done that by ten this morning!

This ones been all over the place huh? Can you tell I’m killing time?


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