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Weekend Update

I’ve had a pretty chill weekend this week, it’s been kind of nice but a little disorienting too. I’ve spent the last however many Saturdays hanging out with friends and have really enjoyed it. I didn’t do that this week and combined with the fact that I’d had Friday off work I felt like Sunday all day long.

I was chatting to Sam in the evening and said how it felt like I had done nothing all day but then when I listed off all the things I actually did I realised that I had kept myself busy all day long, just never with any urgency or having to be anywhere at a specific time.

I’m not going to bore you with a full list but it was nice to get some bits and bobs done around the house. I blitzed all over, not that my house is ever dirty, but it’s nice to freshen everything up a bit.

I got the Back to the Future prints that arrived a while ago framed and up on the wall above my TV, the biggest empty space I had. I’m at a position now where I don’t have any art waiting to go up or arrive! I’m just keeping an eye out for a The Rise of Skywalker piece that fits nice and thematically with my The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi bits upstairs. I’m sure someone will do one at some point.

Before I even got out of bed yesterday morning I got online and booked mine and Ed’s hotel for Austin in July. I had found one with a great location at an amazing price, so went ahead and booked it and he sent over his half as soon as he woke up.

It’s nothing fancy, pretty much a motel downtown, but it is right next to the capital building, less than half a mile from sixth street and under a mile from the convention centre.

We don’t need anything more than that for what we’re doing, I looked at the one and only hostel in downtown Austin but this hotel was actually a bit cheaper, not right in the middle of the party street and had a pool, so that’s a plus. I know exactly where it is from the last time I was there and it’s walking distance from most everything we will want. Roll on July.

I’ve also finished off a couple of video games this weekend that I’ve been meaning to for ages. I’ve been sat at about seventy five percent through the indie gem Inside for about two years now and keep on meaning to finish it off. Great game side scrolling puzzle game, super weird ending! It’s available on pretty much everything you can imagine so if you’re reading this you have the ability to play it.

The other one I’ve been putting off for different reasons. I’ve had the final part of Life is Strange 2 waiting for me for a while. I started it ages ago and have played little bits occasionally but it’s a story based game that is so emotional and well written that I’ve only played it when I’ve been in the right mindset to give it my full undivided attention. I did that yesterday and boy did it pack the emotional wallop I was expecting it to.

I don’t think it will or has connected with as many people as the original but the story of brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz was absolutely beautiful and will stick with me for a long time.

Anyway, I’m going to post this then cool up some Pad Thai. Sunday Club going a bit healthier for a while, making those trips to Five Guys a nice treat as opposed to the norm.

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