• James Hewlett

Weekend Warrior

I’ve had a nice weekend this week. I’m in bed and tired on Sunday night while writing this so it’ll be short but it’s been good.

I got tattooed for the first time since January yesterday morning. I’ve missed that and am really happy with how it looks. It’s definitely one of those that the full effect of it will look best when it’s fully healed but I’m chuffed with it and looking forward to my next one.

I got to hang out with a friend in the afternoon too which was lovely and I slept pretty well last night after watching Black Panther in honour of Chadwick Boseman.

Today has been nice and chill. I got my workout done and did some bits and bobs around the house before playing a solo game of Marvel Champions and relaxing for a while until Gemma came round this evening. We haven’t caught up in a minute and neither of us had work tomorrow so it seemed like a good opportunity.

I cooked the first meal from my next Hello Fresh box, refried bean and halloumi tacos. They were delicious!

We shot the shit for a while, got each other up to date with how our lives are going and whatnot and watched some fun videos on YouTube to make us laugh. It was really cool.

I don’t have much planned for tomorrow day time but am going for a drink in the evening so I’ll either get the post up early or expect it to be up late. I’ll be back regardless though. Hope you had a nice weekend.


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