• James Hewlett


Let’s take a break from reality and talk about some silly fiction where humanity is under threat shall we!? At least in Westworld it’s not a virus or economic turmoil that’s behind the potential downfall of man, it’s just simply robots!

Westworld is one of those shows that had an incredible first season that jolted a lot of people with its mysteries, drama, character and beautiful visuals. For much of the audience though the second season was a convoluted mess and the only saving grace was those same beautiful visuals and the performances by the stellar cast. The plot seemed too unwieldy and the creators were playing around with the storytelling format so much in the name of keeping everyone guessing that following along episode to episode became a chore.

I will completely agree that the second season wasn’t told in the most cohesive way, but there is still a lot there for me to enjoy. I like big mysteries and trying to figure out just what is happening and when. The conversation, theorising and digging deeper into it is fun for me especially as someone who enjoyed doing that for six seasons of Lost. But I am the minority, producing a show that requires that of its audience is not wise and will drive a lot of people away. That is evident by the drop in numbers going into the shows third season now.

It’s a real shame too, because season three of Westworld could be seen as a soft reboot of the series. We’re still following on from the events of the first two seasons but the situations and locations our characters now find themselves in is a complete one-eighty from that of the Westworld park itself.

We’re now on the mainland, all over the planet as a whole and we can see clearly what life is like in this futuristic world.

The show continues to be one of the best looking things on TV, the cast has been slimmed down to a more digestible size with only a couple of new additions and so far it seems as though the story is being told in a more linear and traditional manner. Hopefully this will prevent any further drop off in audience and may even win back some of those who enjoyed the show at the start but decided it wasn’t for them.

There is some great stuff being done here and a lot of very smart and interesting ideas being explored. I’m happy to see the show take a… not wholly new direction, but a fresh approach and that the creative team gets to finish out their story in a satisfying and conclusive way.

More and more places are closing and people who can are working from home. A lot of people can’t work from home but aren’t working either at the moment so I’ve decided this week to do something similar to my Xmas week posts and give you all some suggestions of things to check out if you are looking for stuff to keep you entertained while you’re at home. If there’s anything interesting news wise that I have an opinion on I’ll obviously still mention that too.


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