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WFHMR - TV Shows

Still working as on now, though my days are very quiet.

I have felt a little smug about everyone panicking about their gyms closing, I’ve been working out at home since I started!

Yesterday looked like New Years Day part two; one of the reasons people are allowed to go out at the moment is to do one form of exercise so everyone seems to be using that as an excuse, we’ll see how long it lasts!

I had tons of fun playing Uno online with my favourite people last night though, we all have it on Xbox so we jumped on there and got webcams going on Discord. For a bunch of people who only like a select group of others anyway it’s perfect!

Now let’s recommend some TV shows you can get sucked into while you’re at home more.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra

I feel like I recommend this pair of shows all the time but the amount of people that still haven’t watched it makes me keep wanting to bring it up. After rewatching through all of it again recently (three seasons of Airbender, four shorter seasons of Korra) I am confident in saying it is not only my favourite tv show of all time but that it is the absolute best show too. The narrative, characters, emotions, drama, messages and progressive thinking shown throughout is on par with, and often far superior to, any high budget, live action, ‘peak tv’ show you would find on a premium network or streaming service. The fact that it is an animated show made for all ages to enjoy isn’t a detractor for that, it is a plus!

There is one or two episodes early in the first season of the show that may seem a little juvenile if you’re not able to get over the fact that it is an all ages show, but by the halfway point the show is on a clear trajectory and doesn’t let up. If you do nothing else with your time at home expect watch these two shows, it was time well spent.

The Good Place

This NBC sitcom (available on Netflix in the UK) is one of the wittiest of recent memory. It comes from Michael Shur, the man behind Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks & Rec a lot of The Office (US) among many more.

It is so full of hope and positivity despite the lead character being a self described ‘Arizona trash person’ that in these dark times of uncertainty it should lighten your mood.

If you’re able to watch through it all without spoilers you’re in for many treats along the way.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The only show on this list that isn’t complete and finished, because quite frankly Sunny should never and if the guys behind it have their way will never end. If The Good Place is about a trash person trying to get better, then Sunny is a group of trash people revealing in it!

Don’t let that dissuade you though, these are all characters you will love. Quietly one of the smartest comedies on tv so much of the deeper humour is buried underneath the crass outer layer. Personally I think the whole package is incredible and fine myself laughing at new jokes every time I rewatch episodes, which is very often. The show has been running long enough now that being able to just throw on any episode at any time is the ultimate comfort laugh and after a while quoting the show just becomes a part of every day vernacular to the point I don’t even know I’m doing it anymore.

Blue Planet/Planet Earth/Attenborough

What needs to be said about Attenborough’s BBC (and now Netflix) nature documentary series that hasn’t been said before?

If you want to show off a pretty tv screen you put on one of these because the photography these crews are doing is second to none. They show us parts of this planet that we will never get to see in person and if we don’t change our ways won’t exist in a few decades time.

David Attenborough’s soothing narration provides an essential part of the product as well and he has been doing it for so long that every word and nuance is perfect. If you want to just relax, be reminded of the beauty of our planet, be inspired to do something to help it or just enjoy seeing spectacular real life things, then you can’t go wrong with any of these incredible productions.

That’s it for today, hours and hours of entertainment there for you all things that should hopefully raise your spirits a little bit.

Check back tomorrow, who knows, I may even be joining the ranks of the people at home!


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