• James Hewlett

What Else?

Really, what else is there to talk about at the moment. I like to think I normally have my finger on the pulse and can fairly accurately see how things will shake out, for good and for ill. This entire situation has me completely thrown for a loop now though and I’m hesitant to predict anything.

I mean who could have predicted a world in which Tom Brady is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?!

I joke, obviously, although that weird and wonderful free agency move does feel so emblematic of the bizarre, concerning and completely unprecedented time we’re in at the moment.

I’m in a situation at the moment that, it feels weird to say it, is kind of lucky! I live alone, I don’t have any dependants, my family are all in their own spaces and are in a position to look after themselves and I am healthy.

Not everyone is so lucky and I’m glad to see groups of people stepping up to help how they can. I’ve offered my support to a friend who’s family is having to quarantine despite all currently being healthy.

It’s a shitty situation that everyone is living in at the moment but I believe that we can all get through it if we do it together.

I was meant to be having dinner with my mum and Paul this evening but keeping a bit of distance seems like a responsible thing to do at the moment, so I’m going to use that time to get the few little bits I need to get sorted for my cars MOT on Saturday while places are still open. Who knows if that MOT will actually go ahead or not, we’re all just taking everything a day at a time at the moment.

I’m going to order some food tonight, and I’ll do so guilt free as I believe in supporting the independent businesses I like and the delivery drivers who are providing me with the food. There is no certainty as to how much longer they will be able to operate and if they could survive a prolonged closure without aid, so I want to do what I can, and if I get some tasty eats out of it too, then that’s great!

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