• James Hewlett

What’s In A Name?

Ah, to have finished work for the week on Tuesday, under better circumstances this would be the dream right here!

I don’t have a plan for today’s post so it might be a little rambling. I’m sure you’ll cope.

I’ve been doing this intermittent fasting for about a month now. I only eat and drink anything except water between one and seven in the afternoon. I haven’t checked to see what effect it’s having on me weight wise, but I feel like it’s helping.

I’m not being particularly strict on what I eat in that time, but it’s usually one main meal, possible two, with some small snack in the mix somewhere. I’m certainly not gorging food for six hours but I’m also not being so steadfast that I’m not enjoying anything.

Like with everything I do I try and find the nice balance of sensible and enjoyable. When I do that I find it way easier to maintain any sort of good practice.

It’s been interesting being back at work these last two days because it has encouraged me to get back into having a Huel meal a day, so now it’s been a Huel at one for lunch, work out when I get home, eat dinner after that and I’m done for the day food wise. It’s pretty cool.

I think the combination of a diet designed to burn any excess you have stored combined with my daily work out should keep me going in good shape.

Not drinking or being able to eat out has certainly made getting into the rhythm of it a lot easier too.

The other think I wanted to mention today was the fact that the NFL team formally known as the Washington Redskins have finally, after about seventy years or various amounts of pushback and controversy surrounding the name, have decided to rebrand the team.

I think it’s a great move, an essential one for them to maintain relevance in a world that has said, “No, we’re not going to tolerate this racist bullshit anymore.”

For years the owner of the team has fought against changing the name so as much as this is a good move it does read as relenting to pressure as opposed to proactively taking steps, but whatever, the end result is positive in my eyes.

I wish I could say the same for everyone else.

We all know there are still a hell of a lot ignorant, stubborn and down right racist people out there; the last of those are mostly so set in their hate that they’re not even worth acknowledging as people, but the first two are still worth talking to.

I did that today, one of the guys at work is a Washington fan and as there’s only a few of us there that follow football it often comes up. He mentioned the name change to me this morning and was saying how he thought it was ridiculous. Unlike some of the people I work with, I don’t believe this guy is a flat out racist, I just think he hasn’t considered all the angles and ramifications of having a name that many people find highly offensive.

I spoke to him for a while about it, explaining my opinion and why I thought it was a good idea and should have been done long ago.

I don’t know if I changed him mind on it, but we was certainly more receptive to the idea of it after we spoke. I was happy with the baby steps I was able to make towards helping someone see a more accepting and empathetic point of view. That’s all we can hope to achieve sometimes, the important part is we keep on trying. Everyone.

It’s really warm today! I’m sat in my living room with the door open, The Midnight playing through the Alexa and beautiful drone shots of Los Angeles adorning my tv while I write this. It’s pretty lush!


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