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What’s Next?

I hear what you’re asking, you’re there reading away and saying to your screen, “So James, you’ve been doing this every single day for three and a half years, what are you doing next?”

Greedy bunch aren’t you?

Seriously though, I wanted to use this post to talk about some plans, maybe tease a few things and generally give you an idea of what you can expect from me going forward.

What this blog started out as and what it evolved into is something I didn’t predict. It changed naturally as time went on; my life changed, my interests changed and what I wanted to use this platform for changed.

I never expected it to be what it is, but I am so proud of it too. It is without a doubt the most creatively satisfying and fulfilling thing I have ever done and I wouldn’t be surprised if it holds that position forever. I won’t be disappointed if it does.

That said though, I do want to keep creating and maybe one day something will surpass this silly website.

What I will hold on to always though, is that this was for me. Right from the start I decided that everything I write, everything I share, it is all for me. I’ve made it public and put it all out there, leaving very little about myself and my ups and downs private, but I didn’t care if I had one viewer or one hundred thousand viewers on anything I put out. It was never for anyone else.

So if this ends up being a defining record of this stretch of my life it would be nice to have some physical copy of it. I doubt I will keep this website alive forever and it would be a shame if everything I’ve written was lost to the ether when that time eventually comes.

I have started compiling all my old posts into one giant document with the intent of formatting it nicely and getting it printed and bound, probably across a few volumes, so that there is a physical book of the whole thing. It’ll take some time to do, but it’s something I will be working on.

Meanwhile, more publicly facing I am going to continue to write! I fell in love with the process and the idea of just not doing it any more feels weird.

I am most certainly not going to be writing every day and you won’t be seeing any more, ‘oh I don’t know what to write about,’ type space fillers anymore. What I expect you’ll see is specific topics being covered; if I have thoughts or opinions of something that I need to express or figure out through writing, then something will be there. If I get an advance copy of a book or something passing across me that I want to review, I’ll do that.

I would love to do more critical writing, to hone that side of what has been a hobby up to this point and possibly even start freelancing on a semi-regular basis.

So there will be more words coming from my fingers to your eyeballs. You’ll just have to subscribe or check back periodically to see it.

What I want to do more of and most of all is podcast. I fell back in love with producing that format of entertainment media last year when we launched Lonely Boiz Meets World and then to do more shows with Ralph like Invincipod and the episode of his Mandalorian show I guested on has proved to me that it isn’t just a passing thing, it is something I want to do as much as possible of.

We are in various stages of developing more shows under the Lonely Boiz umbrella, more projects in general really but more on that later, so keep your ears tuned for other things to be covered by myself, Ed, Mitchell and possibly even an extended circle of friends joining us depending on the show.

We have had to take an unfortunate hiatus with our coverage of Boy Meets World due to a number of outside circumstances, but we’ll be back with that soon and more podcasts will be launching before the end of the year.

I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t looking at something and thinking about how to make it more than it already is.

Lonely Boiz started as a joke name thought up drunkenly at a late night mini-golf spot in Shoreditch with Ed. It expanded with Mitchell when we were on a tube to an indie wrestling event as we were comparing ourselves to other trios teams and from then on it stuck.

At the moment it is the collective name for us as podcasters, but we all share the desire for it to be more. We want to make The Lonely Boiz into our production troupe, a branding we can use to unify lots of different projects. They could be audio, video, written, live, broadcast or recorded. Anything that we do can live under that banner.

Not every project may include all three of us, somethings one or two might have little to do with the finished product but we’re all involved in terms of bouncing ideas and opinions off each other in order to make whatever it is as good as it can be.

You’ve heard me talk about Rooster Teeth a bunch I’m sure and that is kind of the template I want to see The Lonely Boiz use.

We have one thing out at the moment, another well underway and a third that is the final thing I want to talk about with this post.

So I started this by saying I was going to tease what’s next, and well, I guess it is probably this…

When I told Mitchell that I was about to wrap up my daily writing he lit up. He is just about to finish his current year of studying so will have a good few months of having more free time on his hands. He suggested we work on something together. Something we could write, shoot, edit and put out this year.

We’re not exactly certain what it is going to be or what shape it is going to take but it will probably be a short video project of some sort.

I’m excited to work on something different for a while with one of my closest friends.

I’ve liked how personal all of the writing I’ve done on here has been, but I’m looking forward to bouncing ideas back and forth with someone as I write for a while too.

More information on that will come out as and when there is anything.

So that, all of that, is what is next for me. It’s likely biting off more than I can chew, but if some gets spat out along the way, so be it.

Come back tomorrow and Wednesday for the grand finale and to get deep and personal with some introspection from yours truly.


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