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What To Do On A Sunday?

Today, for the first time in a long time I’ve found myself at a loss for what to do at times.

I had a really productive day yesterday and did everything I normally do over a weekend, nothing too exciting, just general chores. I usually spread it out and do bits and bobs throughout the weekend unless I’m doing something all day on one of the days like last week. For whatever reason though I got everything done yesterday even though I knew I didn’t have much going on today.

I was up early regardless, went out, did the bits I wanted to do then when I got home I actually got back into bed and played a game on my phone for a bit while watching some tv on my laptop, it was very relaxed.

It’s been nice doing whatever I want on whatever schedule I choose. I timed my workout nicely so that when I finished it was the perfect time to have some lunch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I make the best bacon sandwich in the world. It was very tasty and just enough, especially knowing I’m very likely getting a burger later on tonight.

I’ve got about an hour until game time, the Colts are playing at home and are on in the six pm uk time slot so I’ll be able to watch the whole thing closely. It got to the point this afternoon though that I had finished playing the chapter of Life Is Strange 2 I was on, I’d watched everything I wanted to watch, was up to date on podcasts and had nothing else around the house I needed to do in particular so I just swept. My floor wasn’t bad, but I noticed patches getting a bit dusty when I’m doing yoga so I took care of that. I've got myself so trained to be doing something at all times that I feel a little lost when I don't have anything to do.

I’m done rambling, I’m going to watch game day morning previews of all this weeks games. Weird post this one.

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