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What To Read Next?

I’m struggling to decide what I want to read next. I’ve still got Dune on the go, but where I took a break from it to read a couple of other things that were more pressing for me I’m struggling to get back into it.

I’ve enjoyed it, but it is kind of feeling like a chore and something I’m only doing because I said I would before the new movie adaptation comes out later this year.

I’ve got plenty of fiction I’m yet to read in my audible library and a few that I know I’ll get into and really enjoy when I get started with them, but nothing is jumping out as a ‘read me now’ type book.

After reading a lot more non-fiction last year I’m actually hankering for something more like that. There a few really interesting oral histories I’d like to check out but they’re not available on audible in the UK so I’ll have to actually get the printed version of them, which doesn’t help my current predicament. Other than those I’m not sure where to look when it comes to non-fiction as it is a lot more hot or miss. If the subject is interesting to me then I’ll be sucked in but if it’s not it’ll be a nonstarter. At least with fiction, even if I don’t love it I can usually persevere and get something out of it.

Unless something jumps out at me or I get a recommendation that intrigues me I think I’m going to dive into the fifth book in the Expeditionary Force series, it’s a very pulpy sci-fi series with a pair of very fun protagonists. It’s been a while since I read the last one and I know there has been a bunch more since, so I should make a bit of an effort to get through this one at least.

If you have any recommendations though, please send them my way! Literally anything you think I might enjoy or was really mind blowing to you. I can’t promise I’ll check it out, but I’ll at least have a look at it.

Hasta luego.

(Edit: Between writing and posting I've actually found what is likely to be my next read. Recursion by Blake Crouch. I really enjoyed his last novel, Dark Matter, so this jumped right to me)

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