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Whats to Come

Is it obvious I’ve been playing catch up? I actually wrote those two posts last night and totally intended on posting them but I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at four in the morning. I sure as shit wasn’t going to do it then as I dragged my ass up to bed to get a couple of horizontal sleep hours in before work today.

I don’t know what to write about today. I went and got a hair cut, that interesting? I’ve been going shorter with my last couple, I’ve liked it. It’s not drastically different but I think it suits me with my bearded faced.

I think I’m going to cook an open burrito bowl for dinner this evening. Basically all the ingredients of a burrito but instead of rolling it up I slightly bake the tortilla into a crispy bowl shape and dump everything in that. It’s nothing fancy but I like it.

I’ve been really crap at keeping up to date with posts lately. Most of the time it’s because I’ve been busy in the evenings but sometimes it’s because I can’t think of what to write and don’t feel like brain farting like I’m doing right now. It’s annoying though because I do have a lot of posts planned for the end of the month, it’s just filling in the gaps between them.

I’ve got this Sundays decade look back planned and pretty much all of the final week of the year. That’s when I do my usual look back of the year thats gone. Should be a good one this year!

Actually, next week seems to be filling out alright too, look for a lot of Rise of Skywalker thoughts at the end of the week then.

You know what, I think I’ve actually got most of the rest of this week and next week organised! Thats the most planned I’ve been in a long time. Sweet! Hey, if nothing else this post has helped my organise the next bunch of posts and that is a win if you ask me. More interesting content coming soon!

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