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Who Needs Sleep?

I’ve had weird sleeping patterns lately. Not particularly bad as such, just irregular... but regularly irregular. Hmm, based on that sentence the next one is going to sound like a damn lie but it’s really not.

I’ve not felt any more or less tired than usual and I’ve not felt it impair anything in my life. I’ve just had many instances lately where I’ll be feeling tired so head to bed and then not be able to sleep for ages. Or I’ll get into bed, fall asleep nice and quick and then wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing.

It’s easy to fix those times when I have a clear vision of what is running through my mind, I just write it down regardless of whether it makes any sense or not and I’m able to drift back off again with relative ease.

Despite having time off work I’ve still been up early, not quite as early mins you, but early enough. Some times that is by design, I’ve got things going on and I want to get my work out all done and dusted before starting my day. Other times my internal body clock is just saying it’s time to get up. There’s little point in fighting that one so those days I’ve generally had a relaxed wake up then got on with the rest. I’m not too mad about it, sure it was nice to sleep until nine on Sunday morning, but I’ll be back at work next week and grateful for not having the jarring change when I’m back up at the asscrack of dawn all week.

It’s funny, if some plans hadn’t changed I’d actually either be sound asleep right now or just getting myself up to make sure I packed everything and had my passport. But I’m not going away anywhere now. Not for a while at least. My big carry on sized back pack is still under my bed though, I guess it’s kind of a go bag now in case of the apocalypse or something! Hah! Just kidding. Right, I’m going to try to go to sleep now. Later!

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