• James Hewlett

Who You Calling Chicken?

I eat the chicken wings at Brewdog fairly regularly, it’s just what me and my friend Teesh do when we’re catching up. I like the bar, all the staff are cool and we’re friendly with everyone. It’s just an all round good vibe.

On Mondays they do two for one on all their vegetarian and vegan menu options, I’ve had a few of the pizzas in the past and thoroughly enjoyed them but I hadn’t checked out either of the meat free ‘wings.’

We rectified that this evening by having a portion of both the cauliflower and seitan wings and I’ve got to say, both were awesome! Both were cooked in the same way as their chicken wings, battered and fried and coated in buffalo sauce but the textures were different. The cauliflower were nice and light while the seitan was more akin to a chicken goujon than wing and were more dense. I’d happily have either of them though and as much as I enjoy the chicken, I think either of those alternative options are probably better value for money!

Short update today as I’m playing catch up.


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