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Whole Lotta Nothing

That’s what I’ve done today. Or what it feels like at least.

I had a pretty crappy nights sleep last night and was up fairly early this morning. I didn’t waste any time getting my work out done and then watch and made note on the next episode of Boy Meets World so we can record the podcast soon, most likely tomorrow.

I cooked some lovely quesadillas for lunch, which ended up filling me up enough that they were all I ate today, but after that I really didn’t do a whole lot.

I played video games for a few hours, watched a movie... that’s about it.

I did hop online and video chat with my friends for a little bit, I think we’re all kind of feeling the same at the moment so it’s nice propping each other up like that.

We were going to record the podcast but Ed was having spotting internet issues so we didn’t risk having a choppy show and decided to push it.

It’s a completely psychosomatic feeling, the trapped and alone feeling I have when I’m car-less, but it does suck. I’m looking forward to getting it back... and parking it out on the road under a street light in a more visible location, for a while at least.

Tomorrow should be a better day.


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