• James Hewlett

Wildfire Tattoos

I went to a charity event at a tattoo shop in town today.

They were doing specific flash designs all day with 100% of the proceeds going towards Australian wildlife, firefighting and rebuilding charities.

That country has been ravaged for a long while now and this felt like a really good way that I could do a small part to help out. I have a few friends that live in that part of the world and while they’re safe and have thankfully been unaffected so far, the stories you hear are pretty awful.

A lot of the designs were wildlife based as that is the area that has been the most ravaged so I decided to get one of those. I didn’t want to go for anything too normal though, because it’s me, and I dug the platypus that had been drawn up.

I also really liked the boomerang design and there was an option of having colour for that one too so I ended up with two new tattoos.

It was nice getting something else added to my left arm after being focused so much on my right lately and it was also the first time I had had anything on my leg in about ten years, so that was a change too.

I’m happy with what I got and for the cause.

It’s always good doing something for charity and if it is a little out of the box then I’m all for it!

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