• James Hewlett


No, I don’t mean in the gross macho dudes at a bar hitting on chicks kind of way. I mean literal wingman flying alongside me in another X-Wing. Or in our case this evening Ed was mostly in a U-Wing supporting the squadron while I was in a Y-Wing doing bombing runs of Star Destroyers.

That’s right, we were back playing Star Wars Squadrons tonight, for the first time in over a week or so as we’ve both been super busy.

It was so much fun just jumping into chat with my boy and having a good mix of talking stupid shit and real shit while constantly peppering in game chatter and attack plans and Star Wars quotes whenever situationally appropriate.

We started playing the game way more tactically and how it intended to be played. It’s so much fun to play that all you ever want to do when you first start is jump in a ship and start blasting everything in sight but taking your time, talking to your team mates, planning your strategy and helping each other is ultimately way more satisfying and rewarding than just rushing in solo getting a few hits in then blowing up.

I think it was especially nice for Ed too, he’s going through a rough patch similar to the one I was last month, so I know what it’s like and I know that just hanging out with a good friend, even if it is just through an Xbox headset, can make all the difference.


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