• James Hewlett

Work Stuff and Show Stuff

I was back at work today, it was fine, nothing to write home about. It definitely didn’t feel like it was my last day working out of the place I’ve been for the last six years. I will still be going back there Monday morning though, the current plan is for me to collect my van and drive it up to Basingstoke where I’ll load up and go about my day.

I’ve got a job interview tomorrow morning via Skype though, which in itself is quite funny because the job is only down the road from me, and if I get offered it and it all seems Kosher then I’ll be taking it and leaving my current place ASAP. The thing is is that technically my position has been made redundant and I’m starting a new position there, which means I have a fresh probationary period during which time I can bounce with next to no notice what so ever! So I may well be going in on Monday and leaving for good.

That’s enough talk about that though, I think I mentioned that I’m part of the line up for a Mandalorian podcast this coming season didn’t I? Well I knew who else was involved but it was just made public so I feel like I can share it.

Podcasters and nerd adjacent people like comic book artists are super subjective; to some people they’re rockstars and are on the level of actors or musicians as celebrities but to the majority of people they wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. The list of people included here is definitely the former though. There’s one of them who I’m friendly with and share mutual friends but most of the others are people who I’ve either heard for years from listening to their show or they’ve guested on something I’ve listened to or I’ve read their work.

It’s still mind blowing to me that I’m amongst these other people. I love it and cannot wait!

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