• James Hewlett

Work Woes

I found out the other day that I have been selected as one of the majority of drivers at my branch, the one not being made redundant that is, that is going to be transferred up to Basingstoke at the end of October.

What’s happening is that the Southampton branch I currently work out of is being all but closed completely and only a small handful of runs will be opportune out of there. All operations will be sorted out at Basingstoke and sent down.

For us being transferred, we’ll be doing almost all the same work we currently are as that branches coverage area dramatically increases to absorb almost everywhere we cover currently.

In practicality for me this would mean driving to Basingstoke at the crack of dawn, loading up my van, driving back down and doing a route similar to what I’m already doing then driving back up to unload and back down to come home.

I really don’t fancy doing that ever day and struggle to see how it is worth my time.

On the one hand it is nice knowing I have a job still. With everything going on this year that is not a certainty for anyone so it’s a little bit of comfort.

On the other hand though it is no longer a job I want to do and I am actively looking at finding something else.

I’ve already applied for a couple of things and my plan for the weekend is do a lot more of that.

Ideally I will have something in place before I am transferred at the end of next month, but I’m not going to stop looking even if I have to work from there for a little while.

So it’s a bit of a shitter. It could most definitely be worse, but it’s certainly not great.


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