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Working From Home Media Rundown - WFHMR - Podcasts

Okay, okay, I need to think of a better anagram for this weeks posts, shoot me any suggestions you may have.

Quick update on the state of things before I get into the meat of the post.

The country is now officially on lockdown, as of today I’m still out and working, but if yesterday was anything to go by it is almost completely pointless and I expect to be at home and on standby by the end of the week.

Let’s talk about podcasts! One of my absolute favourite forms of media and the biggest reason I enjoy my job so much. If you’re keeping yourself busy around the house then chucking on a podcast is one of the best things you can do. You can be entertained, informed, captivated and maybe even learn a thing or two all while doing whatever else it is you’re doing.

There are thousands of shows out there and they’re available on just about every device and platform imaginable so if you’re reading this you have no excuse and I guarantee you there is something out there you will enjoy.

I’m going to highlight a few of my favourites here but I’m not going to mention any I bought up at Xmas so if you want more suggestions check that post out too.


Star Wars Minute

One of the most niche podcasts I listen to, Pete & Alex publish an episode every week day covering one minute of the Star Wars movies. They’ve in the middle of their eighth season at this point and going through the films in release order are up to Rogue One. Their motto is to analyse, scrutinise and celebrate and they do just that. They’re not afraid to point out what they dislike but always with a sense of, it’s still Star Wars and we love it. Each week they have a different guest on with them which always adds a fun new dynamic to the show.

The format launched hundreds of imitators about other films so if Star Wars isn’t your jam, there’s probably one more suited for you.

Around The NFL

My sports podcast of choice. The NFL is the only sport I follow and this show, usually released three times a week, keeps me informed, entertained and interested not just throughout the season but all year long. Dan, Marc, Wes and Gregg all work for NFL Media but are allowed to be critical enough to not sound like corporate hacks. The heroes have also been friends and working together for so long that the interplay between them is great. I often find myself texting with friends who also listen to the show to talk about bits that made us laugh.

If you watch NFL, this is a must!

The Kinda Funny Podcast

The weekly show from Greg, Nick, Andy and Tim of the comedy and gaming channel Kinda Funny. Each and every week they gather round this table *bang bang* each bringing a topic to discuss from their lives for your entertainment. Sometimes they get to those topics, sometimes they go off on wild tangents and talk nonsense for an hour and a half. Sometimes Greg will spend twenty minutes howling with laughter about something completely innocuous or tell a story from his childhood so unbelievable it must be true. Occasionally they’ll dig into a serious topic, as was the case last week, but no matter what they’re talking about it is enjoyable and entertaining.

The /Flimcast

For my money, the best film podcast out there and the official podcast of my favourite movies news website. The /Filmcast (Slashfilmcast) also happens to be one of the longest running and unsung heroes of the format with close to fifteen years worth of episodes. Dave, Davindra and Jeff approach criticism in a professional manner but the fact that none of them are currently professional film writers allows for a level of freedom and relatability that is a breath of fresh air in an over saturated market.

With movie theatres closed and less new films to review the plan for the tome being is to go through so old gems and I can’t wait to hear what they’ll be discussing.

That should be enough to get you started, please feel free to message me if you want any more personal recommendations. I’ll be back tomorrow with another media format. Until then stay in, stay safe and don’t be a selfish prick.


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