• James Hewlett

Wrapping Up Cyberpunk

As I write think I am just about to get going on the final mission of Cyberpunk 2077, the long awaited then mass derided video game from CD Project Red.

The game has caught a veritable shit ton of heat since it’s release for, quite frankly, being extremely broken and glitchy. To say it is unfinished would be unfair but unrefined is a kinder way of putting it.

Everyone’s hopes and expectations were so astronomically high for the game that I personally believe a lot of people were going to feel let down by it even if it had been fine tuned.

With all that said though, I’ve put nearly a hundred hours into it and enjoyed it immensely.

I’ll admit that I’ve lost steam at the end here, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that for the last week or so at least all I’ve been doing in the game is grinding through small little jobs, not even side quests with story, just tasks around the city. They’ve got pretty repetitive, as they do in any video game, but I’ve been content doing that while listening to a podcast or watching something on a second screen.

Even now, as I’m about to finish the game, I’ll still be tempted to jump back in and carry on with those bits and pieces I’ve not cleaned up just for the achievements.

The game is buggy as hell, but I’m playing on an original Xbox One and most reports you read online about the game claim it is unplayable on this entire console generation, let alone a system as old as mine.

I have not found that to be the case at all.

For me all the bugs have been graphical, for instance there’s a fairly common one where my characters arms appear to be permanently attached to my ankles. It doesn’t effect the gameplay at all, it’s just weird to look at.

Honestly though, all of these glitches have been fun for me. I’ve enjoyed screenshooting and making clips from the fuck ups in this game more than anything I’ve played before and where I’ve been on chat with friends while I play a lot of the time too they’ve taken great joys in hearing me describe the latest anomaly.

I think the developer will continue to support and fix the game going forward, maybe not for the older generation of consoles, but for the new systems I think in six months or so it’ll run fine and everyone will get an experience much closer to what they were hoping for. It’s funny, so many games are released as ‘early access’ these days and sometimes stay in that stage for years at a time. They’re being worked on, fixed and further developed as they go. If this game had been released like that then all of these issues would not be a talking point, because that’s really what has happened. The bulk of the game is there, it just needs a little more time and work out into it.

That’s the most I’ve written about a video game in a while huh!? With the announcement of Lucasfilm Games and a new Indiana Jones title I might even get back to this topic again before April, who knows. It probably won’t be tomorrow though.


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