• James Hewlett

Yard Work

For a day I’ve not left my house, getting ten thousand steps in and doubling my active calories burned count is pretty impressive I think.

I have felt like I’ve been slacking off and taking it a bit easy with my work outs lately so when I got up I made damn sure I did everything and I did full sets.

Waiting for motivation is futile, being determined and dedicated will only get you so far. Having the self disciple to push through and do it all is what you need and it feels really fucking good when you do.

It was pretty flipping windy today and despite being mostly sunny and otherwise lovely outside the wind meant it was too chilly to sit out and enjoy it. I got pretty restless not long after sitting down and playing a video game so I went outside and started chopping away at the bushes in my garden.

I saw a picture the other day of my garden the day I moved in and while I absolutely prefer it now, I was amazed at just how much a few of the bushes had grown out and one tree that seemingly emerged out of no where!

I trimmed back the ones on either side of my double doors and the big yellow one in the middle of the yard, it was starting to over take the palm tree that grows there too and when I chopped it back I was happy to see a smaller secondary bit of that had been hiding away inside. Hopefully that’ll start busting through some more now.

It looks a little ropey at the moment where there are some gaps and where I got the bush up off the ground a bit but I think the trim was very needed.

I’ve got more of that random tree I mentioned that I want to cut back, it’s the one sprouting out of the satellite dish that was here when I moved in. The problem with it is it’s a pain in the ass to get through as it is quite thorny. It’s fine as is but I’ll probably lop some more off when I take a bit of the white bush at the back of the garden back a bit.

I’m very happy with how it’s all looking now though, and it was nice being out in the sun for a few hours doing it.


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